What Is Your Legacy?


Rev. Ernie Clark

Our little country church was between pastors. My father had the responsibility of finding someone to fill the pulpit each Sunday. It was becoming more and more difficult so he decided to contact the Bible instructor at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. The Bible teacher had a student who impressed him even though he was not a religion major. Ernie Clark had not considered the possibility of preaching. His only reason for taking Bible classes was to learn more about God’s Word as he pursued a degree in another field.

Ernie agreed to speak for one Sunday only. He would give his testimony. They begged him to return one more, then one more Sunday. Ernie became the pastor of that church. It is there that God placed the love of preaching in his heart. After several years as pastor at Fairview Baptist Church, he moved on to pastor larger congregations.


Jim and Linda
John and Ruth

Through his ministry, Ernie led many people to salvation and challenged them to walk closer with Jesus.  Because of his influence, Ernie’s children developed ministries. Ernie’s daughter Linda and her husband Jim created a ministry dramatizing Bible stories. John, one of Ernie’s sons, is now pastoring Judson Baptist Church in Kansas City. Even after moving into an assisted living facility, Ernie continues to witness and hold Bible studies.

Mother and I were fortunate enough to attend Ernie’s ninety-seventh birthday celebration last Saturday. What a blessing to hear how God has blessed him through the years and to hear him bless God.

My father faithfully followed God’s lead to contact that Bible teacher years ago. As a result,  many lives have been changed. Are you following God’s direction today? What will your legacy be?