Resolution Challenge–Day 2 Speeding

imgresToday I resolve to not drive over the speed limit. No really. I mean it. This will take some serious concentration as I have a habit of driving two to five mph over the posted limit. Isn’t that within the margin of error? Isn’t that permissible?

I’d love to know how you justify your speeding habit. What excuse do you use for driving faster than the speed limit?

Driving too fast is truly a habit. My foot seems to automatically press the gas pedal down just far enough so the car moves slightly faster than is legal. On the highways it will be somewhat easy to keep from speeding as I can set the cruise control; however, on other roadways, I will be challenged.

Driving the speed limit may seem frivolous for a resolution. But it is addressing my desire to be a bit rebellious and my perpetual battle with self-importance. Admit it. Driving just above the speed limit satisfies the innate desire to not always live by the rules. It is too hard to be good all of the time. Besides, my time is important. The rest of the world needs to realize how busy I am. Getting to my destination a few minutes faster will allow me to—well, maybe to get a drink of water.

An evil man seeks only rebellion.  Proverbs 17:11a

The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.  Proverbs 22:4

Resolved Day 2: I will not drive over the speed limit today. When I am tempted, I will remember that God considers rebellious behavior as evil and expects me to be humble instead of self-important.

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  1. Sandee Lee Post author

    I did it! The roads I traveled today were icy and snow-packed. It was not hard to drive the speed limit. I am still counting it as accomplished–even if it was easy.

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