Resolution Challenge–Day 7 Commenting

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Today’s resolution focuses on negative comments. It sounds much like yesterday’s resolution to not grumble or gripe, and it is. But grumbling and griping are the personal type of negative words. Today I am including all types.

Negative words are an essential part of everyday life. We must be able to say “no” to proposals which are not in our best interest. We must be able to say “no” to our children when what they want is not a wise option for them.

My concern is for the way we make negative comments, how often they are coming from our mouths, and who hears our negative words. We can calmly and pleasantly make a negative response without using harsh tones. Just because what we say is not positive does not mean it has to be abrasive or hurtful. Who hears our words is almost as important as how we say them. Are we being purposeful about who is within our close proximity? Are we broadcasting our negative words to a wide audience or saying them only to the people affected?

Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.  Matthew 5:37

Because it is so easy to elaborate when I make a negative comment, I am going to focus on saying what must be said in simple and positive words. This will require purposely adjusting my thinking to recognize positive solutions before I speak.

Resolved Day 7:  I will eliminate negative comments for today.

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One thought on “Resolution Challenge–Day 7 Commenting

  1. Sandee Lee Post author

    This resolution still needs work. I did real well except for a 30 minute time period. My words were okay, but I had a battle with negative thoughts. It is so difficult to not let the negative take over when I am frustrated.

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