Amazing Millie

Many people know Millie as a retired missionary. Very few people have an opportunity to witness Millie at work in her beloved Colombia. Those who do are amazed.

Millie sponsors short-term mission trips to Colombia every year during the time Colombian schools are out for their summer break. Her goal is to lead work teams to meet the maintenance needs of the Christian schools in Colombia. Her visits are a source of joy for the Colombians working in Christian education. Pastor John and Melinda Martyn met Millie in Colombia during the first week of January to assist her in painting the school, to deliver dresses made for the Colombian girls, and to spread the love of Jesus.


Millie enjoys fellowship with Colombian nationals who are serving God in their communities.

John and Melinda knew Millie as a humble, godly senior citizen who attends their church and is a retired missionary. In Colombia, they were a bit surprised when it seemed that everybody knew Millie. During the years she served as a missionary there, Millie obviously had touched the lives of thousands of people. They began to grasp the influence for Jesus that Millie has had.

Meeting local pastors and church workers was a highlight of the trip for John and Melinda. They visited with Freddy in Juan Rey. He is planting a church there. Gloria assisted in Christian work in the area. Both have connections with Compassion International.

In a rural church in Guachetá even though they sang in Spanish, the church leaders used hymns commonly sung in the United States so they could heartily sing along. However, in the other churches, praise songs were used and were unfamiliar. In one location, Melinda was able to use her beautiful voice to sing praises to God for the congregation.


Pastor John Martyn and Millie presenting a sermon in a small Colombian church.

Pastor John and Millie were invited to speak. Neither one of them ever let a chance to tell of their love for Jesus and about the plan of salvation. John considered it a joy to share a podium with Millie. Of course Millie had to translate what he said.

Both John and Melinda state that working along side a spiritual giant such as Millie is a special blessing from God.