Planting Garlic

I love spring—the first warm days when you start to believe the frigid weather might soon come to an end. I grabbed my garden gloves, a small rake, and a trowel. Early plants are beginning to appear under the leaf debris. My vegetable garden beckoned.

IMG_0233Garlic is the first plant in my spring garden to emerge from the earth. My garlic is already about four inches high. In our area garlic needs to be planted in the fall, but early spring plantings are also okay. I knew I had not planted enough of this kitchen staple last fall. So I divided two more bulbs into individual cloves and nudged them into the soft earth.

With that task completed I decided to take a risk. With some seed that was left from last year, I planted a row of lettuce and snow peas. It is a bit early and the seed may not be good, but I did not want to end my time of “playing” in the garden.

Recently I read the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. In this passage, Jesus is teaching that it is our responsibility to plant the seed of his truth. Some of the seed will produce and some will not. I am to expect that. As a witness I am not very brave at planting gospel seed in the lives of people. This insight was convicting as I realized I am much braver when I plant garden seed than when I have an opportunity to plant eternal seeds.

He who has ears, let him hear.  Matthew 13:9

How can he hear if no one is spreading the Good News? Oh that I may become more aware of the opportunities I have to share Christ with others!