The Peacocks


Nathan Cullins Photograph

Sammy Peacock  was foraging for insects, grubs, or seeds scattered around on the ground when Larry Peacock approached.

How dare he come around. This is my area. Doesn’t Larry know where he belongs? Sammy thought.  

Larry Peacock was arrogantly walking toward Sammy knowing he was encroaching on the older peacock’s carefully cultivated and protected territory. He knew his friends prudently avoided offending Sammy, but Larry believed it was about time that old peacock let the younger guys have a chance. Everyone told Larry that he was better looking, more talented, and stronger than Sammy. Why couldn’t Sammy recognize Larry was the best peacock in the yard? Larry thought, It is my turn to be the star. So Larry advanced.


Nathan Cullins Photograph

Sammy turned toward Larry. After a few aggressive moves, Sammy decided to strut his stuff. He wanted Larry to recognize that Sammy was in charge. Larry retreated this time.

It is so sad when Christians behave like these birds. They strut their stuff and make a selfish show so others will recognize their greatness. Having talent and using that talent is a wonderful God-given gift if, and only if, it is used as God wants. At all times God instructs us to use our abilities with humility instead of strutting in pride.

Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.  Matthew 23:12