Talent Galore

imgresHave you ever watched someone who is so talented it makes you stop in awe. You watch with intense pleasure as the talent unfolds before your eyes? That is what I did this evening during an entertaining sunlight yacht cruise on Table Rock Lake.

When we boarded, the only table left was on the top deck beside the keyboard and microphone. Ray looked at me and asked if I wanted to sit that close to the performers. I shrugged. What choice did we have? This location turned out to be an amazing blessing.

We watched the vocalist and the pianist interact as they performed. She belted out songs in an earthy, mellow alto voice. He played most selections with his eyes closed. Occasionally he would consult a melody and chord page.

This particular cruise was full of families with grade school aged children. One by one the children approached the vocalist and requested a particular song. They were mostly tunes from the latest children’s movies. If the keyboardist did not know the song, they would quickly listen to it on a phone before they started to perform. How could he do that? He’d hear the song once, pick out the chord sequence, and get a feel for the rhythm. The kids loved it, and the adults had a blast.

It never ceases to astound me how God blesses some people with amazing talent. But talent is useless unless it is developed.

Have you used well what God has given you? More importantly, is God pleased? Will he give you this acknowledgment?

Well done, good and faithful servant…Enter into the joy of your master. Matthew 25:21