Where Is God?

“Where is God? How could he let this happen?”

These questions are asked when disaster strikes. My nephew was in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan last week. Fifteen soldiers were suddenly plunged to the ground. One died. The injuries suffered by my nephew are not life-threatening but are serious. He was stabilized, flown to Germany, and transferred to a military hospital in the United States.

When bad things happen, we are tempted to question God. It is okay to tell God we are not happy with what happened. However, it is essential that we look for how God is working in the situation.

IMG_0335Yesterday I was picking strawberries when I realized that enduring a tragedy is much like finding the ripe fruit. Strawberries grow under the canopy of leaves. To find the ripe fruit one must brush the leaves out of the way. Sometimes it is impossible to see the fruit even though your hand is within inches of it. One must look from a different angle. It is important to find all the ripe fruit or it will eventually rot.

God wants us to recognize his blessings, but we must look for them. Sometimes we have to brush the leaves away and look a little deeper. Often we must look at our situation from a different angle. If we do not find his blessings, they will rot—helping no one. God will reveal his protection if only we look.

My family is thankful. My nephew is alive. He is receiving medical care. His wife and parents are with him. Family and friends are praying for him.

For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.  Mark 4:22