Your Dog Ate What?

photoI finished pulling weeds in a row of lettuce, took a deep breath of fresh air, and stretched my back. As I looked around to make sure I had retrieved all of my gardening tools, I saw my dog eating the top of an asparagus spear. Then I realized he had eaten the tender tops off several spears. I had planned on having fresh roasted asparagus for supper.

My husband said it was my fault because I had given Buckie the tough end of an asparagus stalk to chew a couple of days earlier. I had no idea I was creating an asparagus-eating machine. From now on if Buckie is “helping” me in the yard, I will make sure I have harvested the asparagus first.

Good eating habits take self-discipline. In the Bible, Daniel was determined to eat as God directed his people. He had an opportunity to indulge in luscious, rich food served to the king. Yet he chose to eat only that which was healthy.

Test your servants for ten days; let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink. Daniel 1:12

I suspect you struggle as I do with resisting the indulgences of delicious sweet, salty, or fried foods. We all know that God has provided us veggies because they are good for our health. But are we eating vegetables or rich unhealthy food? This afternoon I gave into temptation. I snacked on butter pecan ice cream. It is so easy to give into self-indulgence even though we know it is not good for us.

When you are tempted to eat something you should not, try my new trick. Think of Buckie enthusiastically eating asparagus. Let me know if it helps.