Learning From Miss Millie

If you had the opportunity to spend a week with a person that you admire who is not a relative, who would it be? My living hero is Millie Young. She and I were traveling mates this past week.

I wondered what we would talk about during the day and a half we would spend in the car traveling to the OMS (One Mission Society) National Convention.  I had loaded a audio book on my phone to entertain me during the hours of driving interstate highway. After all, I reasoned, Millie had already told me all of her good stories while I was helping her write her book.

I had hours of interesting listening, but it was not my audio book. Millie had more stories. She related her experiences in a humble, yet engaging, manner. The core of each story was the glory of God and his work in the lives of people. My selfish complaints became glaring sins as I listened to how Millie handled difficult times.

Petite Millie visiting with friends.

Petite Millie visiting with friends.

The next two and a half days were spent witnessing Millie’s interact with her missionary friends. In between warm embraces and the reminiscing, Millie would tell me how important each person was to her and how she had maintained contact with them.  Millie cares deeply about people and their spiritual condition. She demonstrates true, lasting friendship.

The drive home was far from anticlimactic. I had to work hard at not sounding like I was conducting an interrogation because I needed to drink in as much wisdom from her as I could before our adventure ended.

The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom.  Psalm 37:30a

Who would enrich your life if you would spend a few hours just listening to them?