Life Interrupted

interrupted_banner_160x600Are you doing many good things in your local church yet feeling unfulfilled? Are you living a comfortable life yet wonder if there is something more? Are you happily surrounded by Christian friends yet lament you are not bringing others into the church family? Me too.

Jen Hatmaker, even though she is a hard-working pastor’s wife, was dissatisfied in these ways. In her book Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity, she takes us on her journey as Jesus interrupted her normal middle class American Christian life for a more meaningful walk with him.

What was so compelling about her story is that she didn’t blindly follow her feelings. Jen’s journey to living her Christian life differently is documented with scripture that influenced her thinking. She researched modern literature and data as her heart was awakening to the Holy Spirit speaking to her. The divergent sources are referenced in the notes at the end of the book.

Periodically, Jen’s husband Brandon reveals his journey through Jen’s discovery period. Every time I read “Brandon’s Take,” I was inspired by the way he recognized God was calling him to a new way of doing ministry as God was working in Jen’s heart. They realized what was ahead was not a tweaking of their comfortable Christian life. It was a complete change.

The five phases of their transformation are the backbone of this work. At the beginning of each phase a core belief, a guiding value, and a key scripture direct our thoughts as Jen reveals her journey. Jen’s voice is compelling. She uses anecdotes, relates her doubts, and leads us through her discoveries in each phase.

This book started me thinking. How am I living my Christian life? Just maybe some tweaking of my reasoning and actions is in order. Just maybe I need to listen more intently to Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Life Interrupted

  1. LBG

    I have got to get this and get it read. She’s doing an on-line study this fall.

    Are you watching “my big family renovation” on HGTV – that’s Jen and her home town is Wichita.

    1. Sandee Lee

      As I read the book, I reflected on my current Christian walk. It inspired me because she did not make it look too easy as she let the Lord lead her. I’d love to hear your comments after you read Interrupted.
      I wish I had the time to watch TV–well maybe not so much. Even though I enjoy watching HGTV, I am enjoying pursuing other things right now.

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