Two Reasons to Reconnect

What a shame! In the past few months, I realized that I have not been paying very much attention to what is happening in the lives of people I had cared about at some point. During this time, I attended a class reunion and two family reunions. My lack of recent association with some people I claim to value became evident to me. I need to reconnect.

Two reasons exist for me to awaken relationships that have been allowed to slumber.

Reason #1: Family is important. I must stay connected with family members. It is easy to assume family will always be available to meet my needs. I have not always nurtured these relationships as I should because too often I have not chosen words carefully or have allowed myself to become impatient with family members. What a pity! Family relationships must be approached with love and caring not self-centeredness. My heart’s desire is to value both close and extended family members.

Do you have a family member with whom you desire to cultivate a closer relationship?

IMG_1141Reason #2: Friendships have helped me grow and appreciate others. During casual conversations, I learn something about how others have approached life. Their talents and accomplishments can be celebrated. Through communicating as we rebuild relationships, I often learn about myself, and sometimes something startling is revealed.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that my friend Millie was my brother-in-law’s first grade teacher. Such tidbits surface during relaxed chitchatting.

Life is full of fun surprises when we value both new and old relationships.

What “old friend” do you desire to engage in a friendly conversation?