For the Love of Children

Millie Young and I met weekly for a little over a year. Each week she would have written down the main events in a segment of her missionary life and the Bible verse she wanted included. Often she had recorded words of wisdom she wanted included with the chapter.

Even if Millie had not decided on her words of wisdom before our meeting, they developed as our time progressed. They might emerge from statements Millie made as she reflected about an event she did not want included in the book. Often she would suddenly laugh and spew out a gem.

One such treasure was this statement. “None of my training included ideas on how to handle mobs led by a demon-possessed woman.” Millie would make comments like this then proceed with the story as if it was no big deal.

A perilous situation in the past was not important to her. Millie acknowledged that God had led and protected her, but the danger was not what she wanted emphasized. She desired that others could know how God used her for his work.

The encounter with a demon-possessed lady took place when Millie was conducting a Bible story for neighborhood children in an impoverished area. That lady eventually accepted Jesus as IMG_1032her Savior. Millie did not lead her to Christ, but she planted the seed.

Whenever a child of any age is in the room, Millie gravitates to the child as if a magnetic force is pulling her. Her face lights up with a loving glow. God has placed an extraordinary affection for children in her heart. Her ministry proves that when you lovingly teach children the gospel, you also reach the adults as many of them found Jesus watching Millie witness to children.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14