Am I willing to do what it takes to serve God well?

I recently examined my attitude toward serving God. Am I just serving at a surface level? Do I love God enough to do exactly what he tells me—no more and no less?

I love God and want to serve him most of the time. But sometimes I yield to the human temptation to take things into my own hands.

When “self” takes over I experience dissatisfaction. One would think I would learn, but I lightstock_150776_medium_sandra_ (1)continue to make the same selfish, human mistake. Why is this? I am sure God loves me and desires for me to successfully serve him.

When God told Moses that Bezalel was to build his tabernacle, he gave Moses the following information about him.

“I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills.” Exodus 31:3

When I accepted Jesus, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. But I lack the next item—wisdom.

How do I fill myself with God’s wisdom? I daily spend some time reading Scripture, but my meditation on God’s Word, my seeking to hear the Lord’s message, is lacking. I perform the required reading of a Bible passage, but I too often do not seek to listen to God’s wisdom. I have my idea of what the passage says. My schedule must be kept. I have things to do and places to be. What a selfish attitude!

Spending unrushed, dedicated time in God’s Word and communicating with him in heart-felt prayer are essentials for possessing wisdom.

Lord, create in me an unquenchable desire to seek your wisdom daily.