Feast and Football: What About Others

lightstock_170293_medium_sandra_What are you doing for Thanksgiving? This question was being asked by everyone this past week. Those who have wonderful plans exuberantly express their excitement about eating their favorite holiday foods with family or watching the big game with friends.

This year I have been struck by how many people are not looking forward to the holiday. I have become more attentive to what has not been said than to what has been said. The body language, facial expressions, sad eyes, and the words left unspoken break my heart. Some of the responses I received to my innocent questions left me wondering if I had been insensitive to ask.

  • I don’t know what we will be doing. I guess we will go to a restaurant.
  • I’m staying home this Thanksgiving. The rest of the family are having their children at their homes.
  • My mother-in-law should get out of the hospital today. I’m not for sure what we will do for Thanksgiving.
  • My husband loved to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. Now that he is gone, it is hard.

I cannot fix their hurt. But I can let these people know that I do care about them. I can call, text, or send a message to them through social media. Mostly I need to slow down and take my eyes off of self then listen, really listen, to them. Nothing says I care like expressing sincere interest in others through thoughtfully spending time with them.

How much time did you spend on food and football today? Are these things more important than the hurting people you come in contact with every day. I challenge you, and myself, to unselfishly give quality time this next week to others.