What an Amazing Heritage!

Have you ever thought how amazing it is that we have the Bible?

I recently toured a remarkable exhibit—Passages: Treasures of the Bible. It contained ancient scrolls, fragments of the Qumran scrolls, papyrus scroll fragments, early hand-written Bibles, and early Bibles with commentaries written by 1500’s biblical scholars. Early King James Bibles and Bibles owned by Martin Luther were on display.IMG_1253One of my favorite display rooms had a working replica of the Gutenberg Press. This press made it possible for the common folk to have access to Bibles in their own language. The press was not what I expected. It was a modified wine press. The gentleman with the display was actually printing pages of the Bible. After being printed, the page was hung on a rope line to dry for several hours. We moderns are used to giving the print command to a computer and watching the printer spit out several ready-to-use pages per minute.

Even though gargantuan efforts have been made to destroy the Bible, it has remained remarkably consistent in its content through many centuries and translations. What I find most astounding is that even though doubters try to discredit it, we have thousands of original documents verifying the content. Some ancient documents with only a few samples are taken as authentic by these same doubters. In addition to this profound fact of the difference in numbers of authentic original documents, how can they discount that no one was willing to die for the authenticity of the other ancient documents while the Bible has had many martyrs? Big difference.

We have an amazing heritage in our Bible.