It’s Never Too Late

What is your dream? Do you think it is impossible? Maybe you are hoping that you will do it someday.

Realistically, some things are impossible. For example, I am not going to become a gymnast at my age. I really do not desire to perform a competitive floor exercise. Just the thought of it makes my joints rebel.

But most of our simpler everyday types of dreams are possible. What would you like to do this spring? So many of life’s simple pleasures are worth pursuing. Why not try one of these in the next couple of weeks?

  • Take a leisurely walk with a friend
  • Ride a bike through your neighborhood
  • Sip a glass of iced tea with someone you have not seen in a while
  • Tiptoe through the tulips—No, scratch that. The garden owner will probably object.

You get the idea. We sit around thinking we are missing out. And we are because we are looking at the big stuff and missing out on the doable stuff.

Instead of dreaming about a better life or an exciting experience, start doing. Plan and complete one simple desire this week.   Click to Tweet

As we drove by the local nursery, Mom mentioned that she would like to buy a flat of IMG_1878flowers (36 small plants) for me to plant in my front flowerbed. My elderly mother always loved working in her flowerbeds.

Well, forty-five minutes later we emerged with four flats and numerous other pots of flowers and vegetables. She had a wonderful time.

I will be busy the next few days planting with some help from her. (I wonder how we will keep her walker from accidentally breaking off plants.) Oh well, she is living her dream.

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways. Psalm 119:37