3 Ways to Support Missions

I have heard people say that they do not know how to support the work of missionaries.

Missions work in Colombia

Millie Young, a dear friend, was on the mission field in Colombia for forty-nine years. She often has told me that missionaries need three types of support.

  1. Missions teams: Missions teams are vital to the work that missionaries perform. Sometimes the mission team will help with physical labor and construction, sometimes the team will evangelize a village, and sometimes they will conduct Bible school lessons. But you do not have to travel to be a part of a mission team. You can help by financially supporting those who are called to go.
  2. Financial aid: A monthly financial donation is vital to the missionary being able to stay on the mission field. They need a dependable income flow. However, periodic gifts are used to meet unexpected needs or to further current projects. If missionaries express a need for particular items, you can support them by giving.
  3. Prayer: The most vital activity you can do for a missionary is to pray—pray faithfully and often. Prayer works to protect the missionary. Many times we are called to pray for a person even though we do not know what the current need is. Just pray. If God lays a missionary on your heart, know that missionary needs prayer immediately.

How are you currently supporting mission work?