Lives Forever Changed

He was on the top of his game—strong, well-trained, doing what he loved, serving his country. Life was good. His beautiful young wife and their border collies were staying with her parents in Kansas while he was serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Instantly everything changed. At the time, he did not know what happened. All he knew is that the helicopter was falling in a storm of swirling sand. After the crash, he tried performing as he was trained to do in an emergency situation, but his body did not move as it should.

After being initially stabilized, he was flown to Germany then to San Antonio for months of recovery in a military hospital with his brave wife constantly at his side. Then it was many more months of rehabilitation before he received a medical discharge and disability status. The prognosis—he will always live with limited mobility and constant pain which often becomes severe. His is a life forever changed.

What is a young couple to do when all their dreams are now impossible? They bravely build a new life. Friendships take on new significance. Family relationships develop increased importance.  They pour their love into the lives of their new twin sons.

Thank you for your service Michael Dubus and Jennifer Dubus for standing by your soldier.



2 thoughts on “Lives Forever Changed

  1. Gale & Chuck Ray

    Thank you for your service. We attend the church that Sandy and Ray attended when you were injured and also expecting twins. You and your family were constantly in our prayers. So glad you are so much better and that you get to enjoy the blessings of your family. Thanks again and God Bless you!


    MICHAEL = YOU ARE AMERICA. YOU are the spirit and love of this great Nation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the cost you have paid. Now it’s time for Us to continue to have your back. We have had you in our Prayers since we first got word of your tragedy and we are not about to stop now. Your mission now has changed location but it still remains the same. Your troops and comrades are much younger but the foundation is strong and will continue marching to the tune of the Lord. We look forward to each bit of news and pictures of your awesome boys that are becoming young men right before our eyes.

    “God continue to bless this family and carry them through all storms.”

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