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Resolution Challenge — Day 19 Memorize

Memorizing God’s Word should be considered a pleasure. We have no problem memorizing many insignificant things we love—funny commercials, a favorite movie dialog segment, song lyrics. So why do we fight the concept of memorizing Bible verses? Here are reasons I have used.

  • I do not know what verse to memorize. Solution: Choose a verse that is meaningful to you. Ask a Christian friend for a suggestion. You could download one of the outstanding Bible memory apps.
  • I do not himagesave time. Solution: Write the verse on a small note card and keep it handy. Carry it in your pocket so you can pull it out while you are waiting in line. Set it on the seat in your car so you can review it while you are sitting at a stoplight. Place it on your refrigerator door. Tape it to your bathroom mirror.
  • I am not good at memorizing things. Solution: Break it down into small parts, set it to music, or create a visual mental picture related to the content. This was my favorite excuse until I read in a reputable source that if you do not use your brain it may not function well for you when you become elderly. The “use it or lose it” concept has spurred me to memorize verses on a fairly regular basis. God gave me a motivator to memorize, and it has been a blessing.

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.  Psalm 119:11

Resolved Day 19:  I will memorize a new Bible verse today.